6 Best Content Creation Apps for Social Media

6 Best Content Creation Apps for Social Media

Best Content Creation Apps

According to statista.com, an average internet user spends 145 minutes on social media. This includes watching videos, reading articles, stories, text, and whatnot.

It is safe to say that television has been replaced by our mobile phones and a large chunk of credit goes to the features of social media to bring us engaging content.

This proliferation has made the use of the best content creation apps an essential part of the influencers and creators.

6 Best Content Creation Apps for mobile

Out there, the internet landscape is filled with applications that claim to be the best. But the best is the one that really helps you save time and help you focus more on creativity.

One way to gauge the fame and utility of such apps is to see what other content creators are using for their work.

So here we have the eight Best Apps for your mobile phone that you cannot afford to miss if you want to be the next epic social media star.

This section will cover the best applications that you need to create, furnish and publish your creativity with minimum effort to gain maximum fame and glory.


This app comes from Instagram. It actually takes a sequence of images and develops an image in motion that resembles a GIF.

But what this one produces makes the Boomerang something better than a moving picture or a GIF. When we talk about a GIF what it does is give a loop of a video as many times as you want to watch.

While our Boomerang plays a part of video forward first then backward. In this way, the loop continues creating an attractive series of moving pics.


This is another epic option for you among the best content creation apps that comes from Instagram like the first one. It enables the maker to produce tracking shots and super quick time-lapse videos.

With its release, the usage of hulking tripods and money gulping equipment has become redundant.

Hyperlapse is extremely easy to use. What you need to do is just start the recording by tapping the button on the screen. When you want to stop it, just repeat the action again and it stops for you.

The next step is to choose the speed you want the video to play through.

Create a stunning video of your next trip on the road and impress your fans. The best part is you do not need to register to use this app.

Install it, open it, point, shoot, and tap to adjust the speed. Now you are ready to share with a single tap of your finger.


The above two are used for creating content this one is to spice it up according to the taste and demand of your fans.

Splice by GoPro is a go-to option in this regard. It is a free video editing application. An extremely powerful feature-laden editor that you can have on your phone and make your next video a jaw-dropper.

Add effects, crop a frame, trim the length, imbed transitions, adore with tiles, and much much more. Features like speed control, animations, and more give you additional options to come up with an awesome video.

The best part of Splice is that it has a repository of free sound effects and music that you can use without paying a penny.

Adobe Spark

Animation has become an essential part of social media content. One of the best apps out there that you can use to create attractive animation videos is Spark Video.

With a few taps of your finger add to or trim clips to make stunning short or lengthy videos. Tap the vast collection of images and icons and add them to your videos.

Or just select a sound file and Spark will automatically add a cinematic motion to it. With most people out there without any design experience, this is a time-saving tool too.

Not just for videos, you can use Spark to edit images or craft impressive graphics right from your mobile screen.

Let’s say you have created and formatted all your content and it is ready to be shown to your fans and followers. With a plethora of social media apps publishing the content, one by one on all platforms could be time-consuming.

Here we will give you the two best options that will save you time and effort.


With Buffer, you can schedule and share posts to social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Whether it is a video, post, link, or a picture, just add it to buffer and it will do the rest for you. In addition, you can custom schedule or immediately post your new material to any of the applications.

Hotsuite Mobile

This is another super awesome option that social media content providers can use to fix the time-consuming task of scheduling and posting content on their favorite platforms.

Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post images and video records with a tap. Or schedule messages to more than one social network and a lot more, all under one app Hotsuite Mobile.


In this article, we discussed how you can save your time and energy to create, furnish, and post your media with minimum effort for free using these best content creation apps. We collected the best of the options available out there after going through sites like downloadpipe.com among many others. Get them and start focusing on creativity and leave the rest to these apps.

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