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Top 5 Best Gun Skins in free fire 2022

 Top 5 Best Gun Skins in free fire 2022

We have done it, it is here. The time of year where we gather around a box and pour salt in the wounds of first-person shooters that have existed for a few years now. 

Top 5 Best Gun Skins in free fire 2021

The time of year where we cackle and laugh and announce that this coming holiday we will finally, after many months of speculation, look to free-fire shooters to find our gaming fix. 

I hope you like these skins and if you wish to get them free of cost, then check out this Guide.

Some would say this is a popular time of year, others disagree, I’m one of the ones who would definitely put it at the top of the list of times when we want to play games. Anyway, here are my top five games of free-fire, because I’m the resident gunman.

Just in case you missed the previous post, let me remind you that in free-fire, your guns have the ability to randomly change color, thereby adding to the fun.

List Of Top 5 Best Gun Skin In Free Fire

They’re Free Fire shooters, so what do they have in common? Besides the obvious, they’re an easy way to kill time and get your fix. 

Here are my top five game free-fire skins, in order of how much they cost, and how much they help keep your gaming time more enjoyable.

#5 Blue Flame Draco AK47 - Black Ice Dive In NFS: Online Dive is the easiest way to quickly get your very own free-fire character. 

All you need to do is visit the landing page, load up your account, choose a color, and then dive into the game. All you need to do to start your own free-fire character comes to the NFS: Online landing page, load up your account, and choose a color. Be sure to grab a gun as well!

#4 Apocalyptic Red M1014- Hunter Down Free Fire

Apocalyptic Red M1014 Free Fire is one of the better-looking free-fire shooters out there, and you get to customize your character’s look, and even access different weapons like different types of shotguns and rifles.

#3 Hunter Kills - First Hunt: First Blood - Megalodon Alpha Scar-L

Megalodon Alpha Scar-L was one of the first free-fire shooters, and it is a little less linear than most other free-fire shooters. 

The game takes you through a more brutal, less cumbersome version of the familiar first-person shooter franchise. The game is also well-balanced and has an excellent physics engine.

#2 Recoil - For Honor

For Honor is one of the better-looking free-fire shooters, I’ve given it a few more stars because it is one of the better free-fire shooters in a multiplayer game. You can play as an individual in For Honor, or you can join a team of two or more.

#1 Tropical Parrot M1887

Tropical Parrot M1887 is the best-looking free-fire shooter on the list, and you don’t even need to buy it, it’s a free code. 

It is also one of the best, if not the best free-fire shooter in the free-fire arena. It has lots of unlockable weapons and it is a straightforward, yet deep game. Blue Flame Draco AK47 is a must-try game.

About Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire lets you create teams of 2-4 players for a casual battle. It’s easy to start a match, you can just queue up and then wait for your opponents to queue up as well. 

If you like to duke it out with friends and then have some serious, mind blowing matches with strangers then Free Fire is a perfect place to get started!

There’s no damage dealt in Free Fire, players are only allowed to “firing” each other with gun projectiles. 

Each player has 3 different rounds that they can fire per match. All of these rounds can be stored and reloaded at will, and there is no timer to countdown.

When a player fires a round, the other players will take damage according to the damage dealt to them. 

Players are also given 1 second to react to each incoming round before they get hit.