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6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels

 6 Tips for Editing Instagram Reels

Exploring Instagram Reels to showcase your funny side, special moments, or promoting business?

You can do all of them with our six editing tips for an engaging and relevant short video.

Instagram Reels have become a significantly popular platform for brands to promote their products and services in recent years. Reels are the perfect medium for showcasing your creative side, funny moments, tricks, and infotainment videos and getting likes, comments, and shares.

The best thing about Instagram Reels is anybody can make videos, publish, and become the talk of the town. With over a billion users, businesses are extensively utilising the platform to bring in new customers and qualified leads.

Therefore, to get the best out of Instagram Reels, you need to optimise your videos that stand better than other creators and businesses. And to do so, you require editing skills.

How to edit Instagram Reels?

We have explored the web and prepared a list of six crucial tips to edit Reels like a pro. You can also use an online video editor for ready templates, colours, themes, and a host of other options to ease your journey.

Six Tips and Processes for Editing Instagram Reels

  1. Explore and Select Editing Tools

First things first, go to the main menu of the Instagram app and select Reels. You will find various editing options on the left-hand side of the screen. Explore individual editing options and start making videos accordingly.

A brief note of each option:


Click on the audio icon. You will be redirected to the list of tracks. Here you will see saved songs, recommended songs for you, new releases, and more.

Select the audio that draws attention and is relevant according to the video. The audio generally plays in the background. Make your videos short, creative, and punchy.

You can also add your original audio.


The length of Instagram Reels can go up to 60 seconds. Click on the icon below the audio and set it accordingly to adjust the time length.

Whatever time you decide, make every second count. Ensure to shoot and insert meaningful and engaging content. Do not waste time on unnecessary elements.


The next option is speed adjustment. Here you can select from five options, including 1x, 2x, 3x, .3x, and .5x. Select the required momentum that would be appealing and supported by relevant and attractive content.

Video always compliments audio, so keep this in mind when you fast-forward or slow the video speed.


With the layout option, you can adjust the screen setting according to the video requirements. Explore your Instagram app to learn about the various layout options.


A timer is a great option if you are making Reels all by yourself. You can set a time and get ready for the performance.

Special Effects

You can also add special effects and make Reels attractive and appealing. Explore special effects from ‘trending and recommended’ to use for your video.

  1. Transitions in Videos

Editing requires the skill to maintain continuity between different parts of the video. You can take help from online video editing tools to perform editing for flawless transition from one scene to another.

Transitions should not be visible not only for Reels but for any motion pictures, animation, etc. Flawless transition helps hook your target audience and provides desirable traffic and conversion. For creators, it gives maximum likes, shares, and comments.

For reference, you can visit the Instagram library, explore various videos, and observe how creators have incorporated transition in their Reels. Use trim tools and edit for a smooth transition. It requires practice and enough planning. Produce content, use editing tools, and prepare a Reel that evokes maximum engagement.

  1. Smooth Wipes

The audience appreciates the precision and smart work of shooting an entire length of the video in one take. It has been seen in scenes in movies, short films, documentaries, etc. This can be replicated in Instagram Reels as well. Viewers will appreciate your work and improve likes, shares, and comments.

In addition, when people like a video on social media, they are most likely to search about the company on Google and visit their website. So, if you are into business, these edit hacks can boost SEO ranking and traffic on the landing page.

For a smooth-looking edit for Instagram Reels, bring out your smartphone and swiftly move it over to an object. The object can be a person, a door, or anything that obstructs the video camera. After that, in the same direction, start the smartphone from behind the object and pass outward.

Here again, apply the trim tool to adjust excess video content.

  1. Align Tool

The align tool helps create seamless transitions throughout the video when you change clothes, characters, and locations. The tool uses a frame from a previous footage and superimposes it on the Instagram Reel all across.

  1. Edit to Match the Beats

This editing option is a favourite among music video creators. This helps in editing if audio beats and visual cuts are aligned. People use this technique frequently for music video editing, where rhythmic forms of videos are formed. There is no need to chop on every beat, but only when you transition between scenes. It will seem aesthetically appealing to insert quick edits.

  1. Enjoy and Go with the Flow

Have trouble deciding a specific trend and option from the range of options available on Reels?

Do not worry; you can apply any recurrent theme, including both musical and editing techniques. Follow new trends—these evolve with viral videos and music tracks. Be at your creative best and use online tools to edit videos. You can utilise free or paid options and build stunning video Reels.

These were some tips to help with editing videos to make your Instagram Reels more engaging. Creators and businesses can create videos using these techniques to get desired outcomes. Get the best out of social media with optimised videos and rise to the opportunity.