3 Apps To Improve Android Mobile Speed

3 Apps To Improve Android Mobile Speed

improve android mobile Speed

You might have noticed, when we get a brand new phone it runs like an Arabian horse, over time it picks like a snail. This journey from lightning-fast to a turtle’s dream is clearly noticeable to most of the users. Luckily there are ways to improve android mobile speed.

There are a number of factors that contributed to the deterioration of this speed. Some are with the hardware and some have to do with the applications we install. Such as app load and the number of opened programs in the background.

So there is a lot that we as android users can do to maintain an agreeable performance on our phone. What are the methods? How can we maintain that all will be discussed here in this article?

Apps that Improve Android Mobile Speed

On the Android platform, the best thing is you will find an application for literally anything. With cell phone performance concerns for all, how can the developers stay behind in this regard?

Here we will discuss some of these performance enhancement apps that are best in their action with minimum demand for system storage, battery, and other resources.

Read the article and pick the best according to your requirement and liking.

Android Assistant

The first on the list for you is Android Assistant. Why it is on top? Here you will find the answer. This application provides a number of utilities, tweaks, and monitoring methods to find out what your phone’s health is improving the performance.

It tells you the total free memory available, the current usage of the CPU, and all the information related to battery usage and drainage that you need to know.

If you are looking for a single application to keep your device in optimal condition this is the one you need to have now. Tools like Quick Boost and Startup Manager all operations are just a finger tap away.

With easy-to-read graphics and a user-friendly interface, it is a must-have utility to have. Among these Tool Menu on the app is the best feature. It contains the functions to enhance device performance. An effective cache cleaner to clean the clog to a startup cleaner that gets rid of what is not currently wanted.

With a few taps, it can let you uninstall all the unnecessary apps that you downloaded but never used. Or you can end system operations that are occupying RAM and gobbling down the battery power.


Does your phone look like it is draining the battery faster than it should? Greenify is the ultimate app that you need on your phone.

What happens is when you load app after app on your phone over the course of time, they always take a part of power whether you use them or not. Because once opened in the background. They will always be active in some way.

What Greenify does is, stop them all from running unnecessarily in the background. Once this matter is taken care of, you will see the phone running smoothly and giving you long-lasting battery usage.

When you install this application on your phone, it displays a screen where you can choose the software that will be sleeping when not in use. Greenify is smart it tells you which app is a burden on your phone and which is not, and won’t hurt if you let it run in the background.

Through this informed decision-making, you will not only save the resources but will avoid the unintentional killing of programs that might be important for the smooth functioning of your device.

Not just that Greenify with a simple-to-use interface and light requirements will make your phone greener and will not be a burden on your mobile.

Clean Master

This is one of the earliest applications that came out to the rescue of Android users and still persists despite immense competition. All this is due to its features that captivate the users and give them what they want.

Clean Master increases the optimal performance of the android phone by removing all the junk files and optimizing the memory. Not just that it provides protection against viruses and manages all the apps that you have installed.

The eye-catching features of Clean Master include battery saving, app lock, file cleaning, CPU cooler, memory boost, and anti-virus protection among others.

Get rid of all the temp files and system caches with a few taps of the finger. Cool off the device and get ready to challenge your friends in the next game without worrying about the lagging of the device. This is why https://lusogamer.com/ says it is a must-have for all gamers to improve android mobile speed.


Android Assistant, Greenify, and Clean Master are the three best apps that you need if you want to improve android mobile speed. Check these out and tell us which one you found most suitable and why?

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