Best WhatsApp Status [Heart Touching Collection]

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Best WhatsApp Status [Heart Touching Collection]

Your attitude may heart me
But Mine Can Kill You...

Before you judge me
Make sure that you are Perfect.....

I am nothing
Without You.....

It's my life
So keep Your nose
Out of it...

Be Nice
For no Reason...

Life is the art of drawing
Without an Eraser

Always hope
But never...Expect..

If It's not A happy ending
Then it's not the ending at All...

I'm Not lazy
I'm just on my Energy
Saving Mode...

Don't give up
The beginning is always the hardest...

Best WhatsApp Status [Heart Touching Collection]

Life is to short
To wast time Hating Anyone...

Follow your heart but
Take your brain with you...

If you are bad
I'm Your dad......

Life is heard

True Love Never Ends

Failure is not the Opposite of
Success It's part of Success..

Life is like a camera
Focus on what's Important
And you'll capture it perfectly 

Love means
Never having to say
You're sorry

Life is too short to waste on 

SILENCE is the
Best response to a FOOL 

I don't want a perfect life
I want a Happy Life...

Stand up for something
or you will fail for anything 

Talent is a gift, But
Character is a CHOICE 

We are what
We Believe
We Are.....

Follow your heart
But take your Brain
With You...

If it's not a happy ending
Then it's not the
Ending at all..

Best WhatsApp Status [Heart Touching Collection]

Some times in life
Its good to be alone
So that no jackass
Can hurt you..

I feel I'm missing
Something in my life
On these Days..

I know
I am Awesome
So I don't care about your

Everyday is a Second CHANCE...

I'm Not Rude
I'm Honest

No rod is longer
If you walk with your Best Friend 


With you
I feel safe and Sound.

Love is not about how many
Days, Months and years
We live together
Love is about how much you
Love each other every day 

Silence is my Attitude 

I'm Me
And I wo'nt
Change for anything 

Love Me or Hate Me
I Just don't CARE

A new ME Coming Soon..

I'm Yours
You Know It..

I have so much to say
But not way to say it...

If you think I'm bad
Then you are wrong
I am the WORST

Prove your self
To yourself, Not other 

I never Demand about Success
I'm Worked for it

No one can ever replace your love
In my heart and In my soul
You will always be
My One And Only LOVE..

Personality Begins Where
Comparison END

Only you can put a smile
On my face
when....I'm Sad......

Be a good person
but don't waste time to prove it 

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